Covid 19 and other stuff

I am not dead….after hibernating for so long

So I received an email from my general manager stating the measures that has been put in place right now..

“Management is in the progress to develop a temporary office space at #02-08Β  Once the temp office is ready, your attention and support in relation to the following will be appreciated:


  1. To work with the management to divide the workforce into two teams, when applicable.Β  Some of the colleagues will be required to temporarily relocate to the new temp office so as to reduce the daily interaction and increase the social distancing at the workplace.


Hmm.. I can only think that why not let us work from home..rawrrrrrr….

I had a dream of clearing my annual leave and going for interviews… It seems nothing good will happen in this year with all the bad economy, job instability means no holidays and all… Let’s just try to find happiness in small moments..

I am unsure what I should do with my relationship if talks failed…. Do I love him or is it just companionship?

I want his companionship for sure, I want him to think of a future together and its kinda depressing that the guy that you want to be with is not sure what he wants for his future, whether he wants to go back Japan, stay in Singapore and work or? We are mostly happy together but I wish we can work towards a common future.

Maybe… one day…


In the middle of the night and I am running with self destructive ideas.

I am tired and upset . Maybe it’s me not the rest. But why can’t I meet and date a decent guy.

The first love who I love more than he love me. Ended in the same crying situation as now.

The second love that was never meant to be. The unaccquited love. The one who I thought may be my soulmate.

I am jealous, jealous of my sister and my best friend, how do they manage to find their fated one in one try and I being the more independent one , the one they depend to,unable to find and keep love.

What is wrong with me.

Why am I so unlovable.

I am jealous of my best friend’s fiance being clingy to her and coddling her, making sure she is okay. He doesn’t even want to waste one moment without her.

I am tired of not finding him….


I despise people who micromanage . Unfortunately I am working under a period who loves to micromanaged so much.πŸ™„ She loves to control every aspect from why I am not on my desk ( went to toilet) to what time did I go for lunch …

It's definitely going to bite her in the ass in the future. I am the longest employee working under her and it's been less than six months lo.

1 week into the job, I already wanted to quit already. Feel so proud of myself for staying so long ( for the pay )

Ending off with the characteristics of micromanagers

A colleague who is leaving gave us this.. so sad because it was her last day and more shit gonna fall on us after she leave.

Impromptu bug for home at the long long queue NTUC on cny Eve

Spy the roses.. I so love 😍😍😍

First Valentine ❀️

I was pretty surprised on Valentine day.

Actually I was the one that pester my boyfriend to meet and eat dinner at Elemen on Valentine.

We actually chose Cafe Salivation but their set menu for two cost $75 without drinks and Elemen has no surcharge with their 8 course whatsoever, so it's a no brainer..

Plus we had our first lunch date at Elemen almost one year agoπŸ’“

I was actually late, we booked 6.45pm for the dinner and I came slightly late because NTU to Pioneer mrt to Bugis to Promenade

On the way to the dinner place, I walked by a florist place and I saw lots of guys queuing up to buy flowers and I was like.. I want one too, even a one stalk rose is good enoughπŸ˜‚. I expect him to come empty handed because we are lazy people.

Then I arrive at the restaurant to see..

This bouquet of lovely pink roses and flowers…😍😍 So touched and surprised I tell you…

First time receiving from my boyfriend

Then we ordered nice food. I think it's the good mood that makes us peaceful and happy during dinner and even compromises..

Him trying to make the flowers nicer for me to take a photo

My lovely bouquet

Salad, breadstick and dip

I ordered spinach salad to share with him

He ordered mushroom salad to share with me..

They change the appetizers from last year.. not so nice

Both of our favorite

Truffle mushroom soup with cream that we added salt to make it more flavourful

My eefu noodles with bailing mushroom , give the mushroom to him🀣🀣🀣🀣

His nicer truffle mushroom pasta

Sticky date pudding with caramel dressing which is too sweet for our taste.

Butterfly pea drink which is too diluted for our taste , not even sweet

Refreshing fruits tea with fruits which is also very diluted and not sweet

Persuade him to take a picture with me with bouquet. A happy ending to a nice dinner

#valentine #date

Reunion dinner

We had our annual reunion dinner recently with our extended family and since I am lazy to go JB last Sunday ( bf too) so in the end I ask for family dinner. Glad that Jiajun and Teru can make it

Seats was so difficult to book last min so end up our slot was at 7.45pm

Kai lan in oyster sauce with mushroom, nothing much to rave about

Charcoal tofu and some special sauce

Soy milk miso hotpot πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ da bomb

Even BF was surprised haha … I love love love the soup

Just normal stir fry veg with ginger.. nothing to rave about

Mock suckling pig πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ I love this too

No multigrain rice, so opt for brown rice,luckily it has some seasoning

One of the better dish, cream sauce pumpkin

Saw the news via sg budget babe and others , fighting so hard to save dayre.

Thank u

Super reluctant for this to close down because my travel entries are all here πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ


Saw this for Valentine day but it's prices at $75 nett, expensive though

Wanted to celebrate with him.

I have a dream now, my dream is to be on holiday yet getting pay and buying cny stuff and baking cookies in preparation for cny..

No mood totally zzzz… For one, working full time in this shit place means there's no joy..

Unlike working in my previous company, working with the aunties mean happiness lol.

Sighs how quickly one year pass by..

Not sure for good or bad.. time passes so fast

Sick again.. did not recover since last week…

Cough, runny nose, throat…

Doctor strictly told me not to go back to work these two days.. but I don't know.. can forsee a huge pile of work to clear 😣πŸ˜ͺ

Day 8 & 9 inTaiwan

Day 8 continue

Last picture of Jiufen

Took the long ass train that takes at least 45 minutes to get back to Taipei Main station

Hahahaha.. must be auntie enough.. no time to be very nice la. If not stand all the way..Omg

Finally went back, actually told my family, I am not hungry and me and Teru went to walk about Ximending…

He suggested this place that we walked pass a few times and since this was pretty famous in Ximending. We went for it.

Vegetarian minestrone soup ( 😐 not very nice taste though, vegetables and tomato

My vegetarian meal with raspberry Italian soda

Cream risotto with broccoli, corn and cheese. I find it so shiok that random shop in Taiwan knows what is vegetarian and what's not.. seriously better than Singapore by alot 😜

Teru as garlic bread and cream risotto

The famous doggy risotto shop

Taipei is really famous for the contact lens.. really regret not buying more.

There's such a wide range , brown, grey and rose… Literally went back every day to look at contacts and such.. poor Teru, he had to accompany me.

I really enjoy alone time with my boyfriend , Teru at night.

We can talk freely, chat about the day and maybe grab supper from the convenience shop. Feel like it's us against the world sometimes..

Although we do argue a lot but slowly we are understanding each other better.

The famous golden retriever

So adorable and the younger one love food so much that he keep cosying up to Teru

Day 9 ( Last day in Taiwan ) Ximending, Taipei Main Station , Taoyuan Airport

Had breakfast a bit later than usual at a further away breakfast cafe and both of us damn jialat , we ordered and eat and forgot to pay until the person chase us.. hahahahha.. we are really not use to paying after food.

Had lunch at a random hotpot place and regret when we saw ι˜Ώζ―› the golden retriever has another hotpot place nearby..

This food is quite suitable for teenager, cheap and filling.. but we both enjoy Shi Li Fang ( Taiwanese style hotpot) in Singapore better

We saw this when walking around Taipei Main station and I donate my receipts collected over this whole trip to a charity lol.. Boyfriend was surprised they are asking for receipts only..

We then head to airport in the evening with the same hired driver as the first day.

Smooth and reliable journey all the way to Taoyuan Airport..

Super cold when we came down from the cab..

13 degrees I think with strong cold wind

All those stuff from previous post about Cathay Pacific.

FYI, I received the luggage that they replace for me..

So, finally this is the last of the Taiwan posts

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